Filtered the spectacular villain of Captain America 4

They are already preparing Captain America 4, a film that will impact the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe.

After the events of the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which is available at Disney plus, the character of Sam wilson interpreted by Anthony Mackie will be the new great hero of Marvel studios replacing Steve Rogers from Chris Evans. That’s why they will make the movie Captain america 4 where Power Broke (The Power Broke) it will be the biggest threat.

In the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier we could check how Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) I was behind the evil criminal organization Power Broker who rules the criminal underworld in Madripoor. This was something quite shocking, as it was an unexpected turn for that character who had always been next to Steve Rogers. But best of all, is that at the end of the series of Disney plus He receives the pardon and returns to work for the United States government, giving him access to the entire network of information and resources that until then he had not been able to obtain. Something that will greatly affect the events of Captain america 4.

Spider-Man: No way home equal to Avengers: Endgame

A character who has evolved into the criminal world.

Leaving SHIELD behind, Sharon carter he eventually joined the CIA and was working at the Joint Anti-Terrorism Center. During the events of Civil War, he helped Steve Rogers, Bucky barnes and Sam wilson. This caused her to be accused of being an enemy of the state by the United States Government. That’s why he disappeared during the events of Infinity war and Endgame, becoming a dangerous criminal from the “snap” of Thanos until he returns in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Now in Captain america 4 we will know his true intentions and if he will be able to betray his friends for his own interests.

Captain America 4 Sharon Carter Marvel Studios

The movie Captain america 4 does not yet have an official release date, but the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier It can be seen on Disney Plus by following this link.