Final Fantasy 14 server transfers are overloaded immediately after return

Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.08 brought back the Home World Transfer Service along with the launch of the Oceania Data Center. As predicted, players from Australia and New Zealand who have been stuck on NA or EU servers for the past decade are eager to finally experience FFXIV for the first time ever with low latency. Unfortunately, the sheer number of players attempting to switch to a new world immediately caused significant congestion.

Is the Home World Transfer Service available again in Final Fantasy 14?

FFXIV Home Server Transfer Congestion

Square Enix has reactivated the FFXIV Home World Transfer Service at 1 a.m. EST on Jan. 25. Unfortunately, players immediately slammed it when they tried to transfer to new servers. In addition to those listening in Oceania, many players have been waiting to move to a new world since Endwalker came out. The service went out on December 4 and was supposed to come back the same day. However, the massive influx of players that came with the Endwalker expansion caused such problems that the ability to switch servers is only now making a comeback.

In addition to the heavy congestion, many players experience errors when trying to transfer to the Oceania servers. A post on The Lodestone states that this can be avoided by ensuring that players can access a data center they wish to move to at least once. To do this, all you need to do is open the game, go to ‘Data Center’ and choose your destination. After that, the transfer should work as desired.

The main problem here is that you can’t play with a character if they’re currently being transferred. Because the service is congested, players have to wait hours for the transfer to complete, which can be frustrating. Fortunately, after this initial burst, it should calm down and the system should work normally.

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