Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker back on sale soon

After Endwalker sold so well that the servers at Square Enix couldn’t handle all the traffic, they decided to temporarily pull the game from sale. Lucky for those who are eager, because it will be available again soon.

The latest expansion to the hit MMO Final Fantasy XIV caused hours of logging in queues. In addition to the sales, new players were also no longer able to install the free trial. Everything that had to do with buying or trying out was put on hold. But, good news now for those who are eager, big boss Naoki Yoshida says that Endwalker from January 25 goes on sale (digitally).

According to the message posted about this one first checks how stable it is, before putting the trial version online again. Fortunately, they are also expanding the data centers. As a result, a number of worlds are added, so that traffic can be better distributed. This also reduces the queues for logging in.

Are you curious about the new expansion? View our review here. I am quite enthusiastic about it and I am happy that more players will soon be able to come to Eorzea to share all this beauty. Are you going to get it, or is it not for you? We would like to hear it!