Final Fantasy XVI English Voice Recording Ready First

Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida recently appeared on Washagana TV to provide an update on the voice recording for the game. As translated by Gematsu, Yoshida revealed that the English voice recording has gone first and the Japanese language version will start recording soon.

The English voice recording will focus on British English. One of the reasons the English voice work will be completed first is because the team needs to record full-face motion shots for the game’s cutscenes and some other aspects of the title. This avoids the tedious process of having to animate the game by hand. While the English voice-over is in its final stages, the Japanese voice-over hasn’t even started yet, but will start ‘soon’.

Yoshida also explained how he is not involved in any of the recording sessions, for this game or his work on Final Fantasy XIV for the:

I’ve been working on Final Fantasy XIV for eight years, but I’ve never been to a voice recording session. I have my own policy on this. If I go, since I also write a dialogue, I would like to intervene and give my opinion, making the whole session seem like there are two sound directors. And I think the voice actors might have a hard time when the producer/director comes in and says things different than what they were told by the sound director. So I don’t go to voice recording sessions.

I’m not going either Final Fantasy XVI recording sessions. Since I’m not the one writing the story. During story meetings, I say my opinion as, ‘I think this rule should be changed, given the emotions of main character Clive…’ Although the team did an excellent job of considering my opinion.

In an earlier interview, Yoshida had confirmed that the game’s story is complete, but it seems there is still a long way to go. The title missed Tokyo Game Show as the development team would be in a rush to create new content purely to showcase something on the show. As soon as we hear more about the game, we’ll be sure to let you know.

[Source: Washagana TV through Gematsu]