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Final Fantasy XVI Updates Coming Spring 2022, Development Affected by Pandemic

Final Fantasy XVI News

For those who are surprised at the absence of a Final Fantasy XVI News at the latest state of affairs producer Naoki Yoshida has gone to the game official Twitter page to provide an update on where development stands with the highly anticipated submission.

As is an unfortunate reality today, Yoshida-San confirmed that the development has been affected for up to half a year due to the ongoing pandemic.

“In an effort to offset the effects of COVID-19, we have had to decentralize that workforce by allowing employees to tackle their jobs from home. Unfortunately, this has hampered communication from the Tokyo office, which in turn has led to delays in – or in extreme cases, cancellations of – deliveries of assets from our outsourced partners,” he explained.

With that, however, it looks like the team is well placed to improve the game in 2022 in a variety of ways, from graphics quality to combat mechanics, thanks to these efforts.

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“Our primary goal now is to be as hands-on as possible with the game to see it fully polished,” added Yoshida-San, before confirming that the current plan is to have the game’s next big reveal. in the spring of 2022.

Take as long as you need, we say.

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