Find and defeat the secret boss of Kingdom Hearts 3

A guide with the location of this enemy, and instructions to defeat him.

Kingdom hearts iii

It turns out that Kingdom Hearts III has a secret boss, and we recommend that you stop reading if you think that talking about him is a ‘spoiler’. Few surprises at this point, right? Nor will it be strange to you that we tell you that it is by far the hardest to fight in the entire game, so we have prepared a guide with its location and some notes that can help you defeat it. Let’s start with the basics: his name is Dark hell (Dark Inferno in English) and is found in Battle Portal 14 of the Necropolis of the Keyblade.

In case we have caught you off guard with that of the portals, we inform you that they are a type of optional mission that appear once you complete the game. With that condition cleared, it is evident that you will not be able to fight Dark Hell before completing the main plot from Kingdom Hearts 3. Relax and enjoy until then! When the time comes (and we recommend that you carry Artema Weapon in your possession) keep the following points in mind.

  • Battle Portal 14 is shortly after the first Necropolis save point.
  • You can only fight Dark Hell like Sora, neither Goofy nor Donald can support you. It is advisable to level up to at least 50-60 and be well prepared in advance: bring elixirs and a Kupomoneda to revive if we fall in combat.
  • It has 20 bars of health and gets stronger the more bars you remove. In fact, it has three phases: in addition to the initial one, it gains in power and variety of attacks when it is enveloped in a blue aura and again when the aura turns red. He does not get tired at any time.
  • Fight back whenever you can and use Summons to heal and deal damage. Equip healing magic as a shortcut, and wield the Wheel of Destiny Keyblade (Pirates of the Caribbean world) to take advantage of an extra range that will come in handy.
  • When he changes his aura, the ‘timing’ to counterattack is also different. Get used to them to win.
  • Since most of his dangerous attacks are made from the ground, it is advisable to jump and stay longer in the air.

Your reward! Crystal regalia
When you dispatch to Dark Hell, you will get a rare equipment called Crystal Regalia. Along with the Artema Weapon Keyblade, it is one of the best items in the game: it increases your strength and magic by 5, your AP by 16 and also gives you an ability that allows you to reset your MP. In fact, if you equip this item, try fighting Dark Hell again. See what damage it can do.