Find the secrets and complete the Resident Evil 2 demo

A guide with tips and tricks to complete the demo of the long-awaited remake.

Resident Evil 2

Terror in 30 minutes: this is the premise of Resident Evil 2 1-Shot demo, a curious test version of the expected Capcom remake. Since our progress expires regardless of whether we have finished the demo or not, it is important to know in advance what we are going to face … and how to solve it if it takes us longer than we thought. In this guide we talk about secrets and completion tips that you join the list of players who have completed the RE2 demo.

How is the demo completed?

It cannot be said that there are few things to do in the Resident Evil 2 demo, but of course, not all of them are mandatory. A player with enough knowledge and skill can complete it in about 3 minutes, as you can see in the video above these lines. If you are in doubt about the exact steps you need to take to get to the end, with no exploration or optional objectives in between, don’t hesitate to take a look. In 3DJuegos, we prefer to delve into more specific advice and questions.

Save and waste time

Image from Resident Evil 2

The Resident Evil 2 demo is generally pretty straightforward – after starting, you have a puzzle to solve. After the final cinematic or after spending half an hour, your test is over. This leaves the door open to various types of player: the one who discovers RE2 for the first time, the nostalgic who cannot stop comparing each scene with the original, the one who immerses himself in the game and enjoys all its details, the one who ignore enemies to complete the demo asap …

Thinking especially of these last two, we leave you below some tips so that you can play the demo as you like. And feel free to share yours in the comments box, both to shorten and lengthen the downloadable.

  • Before Marvin shows up, you can leave the RPD office abroad. You will find zombies outside, sure, but it is without a doubt one of the most detailed areas you can find and an explorable area that will surely generate curiosity in the original.
  • Did you know that cutscenes also consume game time? Although they are very cool, if you want to improve the travel time you can skip them with X (Xbox) or square (PlayStation).
  • Although Resident Evil 2 has shooting mechanics, it might be inappropriate to identify it as a shooter. Often times, it makes more sense to shoot a zombie to stun it and just walk past it, but if you really want to kill it outright you can upgrade your arsenal with a shotgun. Below we will tell you how it is achieved.
  • Near the armory you can also find the room where a welcome party was being prepared for Leon S. Kennedy (it was his first day at work, after all). There is nothing special to do here, but in the full game you will find a small optional objective in this very room.
  • In RE2 you can pause the game (finally!) Making it easier for you to consult the map to measure your steps and not go several times through places you have already seen, for example. Yes, you spend time in the consultation, but you save even more time than if you go to each site alone.

How to extend the duration of the demo

Image from Resident Evil 2

“Capcom, but how do you think of restricting the duration of the demo to half an hour? I want to play again!” If you have thought something like this while your trial minutes were running out, don’t worry: you are not alone. Luckily there are a handful of ways to get around this restriction, but it requires some prior knowledge. In 3DJuegos, we already told you a method to play the Resident Evil 2 demo more, but here you have it in more detail according to your preferred platform.

  • On PS4, you can play the demo more times by creating more user accounts linked to your regular account email.
  • Something similar happens on Xbox One too. You need email addresses for each user, but you can log in with multiple console users at the same time to take advantage of a single demo installation.
  • Since you are probably using several email addresses, you can also make several Steam accounts to download the demo (or link your library to the installation folder of your usual account). There is an external program, which we will not link to here, that can be used to extend the duration of the demo in a less artificial way by simply running it in the background. Make sure you don’t download anything and don’t bother trying if you’ve already played 30 minutes on your account, because you must be playing for it to work.

Find the shotgun

Image from Resident Evil 2

Isn’t Leon’s service pistol enough for you? Do you want to take out the heavy artillery? Good: After meeting Marvin, he recommends going downstairs in the west wing. There you will find a dark corridor and eventually you will find a room with two red doors. Go in there and get the keys to the weapons locker from a desk (there is also ammo and a map, they will come in handy). Then sneak through the vents to reach the other side of the hall.

There you will see a zombie pounding on a vending machine and several rooms where you can enter. Go to the one in the bottom left and you will find the shotgun with some ammunition inside a locker. It is essential that you carry the keys with you to open it.

Safe passwords

Image from Resident Evil 2

It is not possible to open absolutely all the doors and locks in the Resident Evil 2 demo, but there are codes to open some of them. All of them are optional, yes, and could also change in the full version of the game. But if you want to open them anyway, here are their ciphers.

  • A lock on the second floor showers: BIO, referring to the Japanese name of the game, Biohazard.
  • A padlock on the stairs to the third floor: RES, for the English name, Resident Evil.
  • A safe in a west wing office, on the first floor: 9 left, 15 right, 7 left.