Finn Wolfhard has joined the MCU

The famous actor of stranger things is one of the new additions to the Marvel world

Finn Wolfhard is one of the stars of this 21st century, being very young is one of the protagonists of one of the most watched series in the history of platforms and recent television, Stranger Things. Thanks to this series, these teenagers became famous throughout the world, giving them important relevance.

A few years have passed since this and the actor has been starring in other films and series such as CGhostbusters: Beyond or the Last Two It Movies. As well, stranger things which will put an end after this fifth season. Which leaves the future very clear so that he can make an appearance in the world of superheroes.

Thanks to a confirmation of a Web page well known in this type of issue, we have been able to discover that Finn will fully enter the world of Marvel. The appearance of him as it is raised could occur in the second season of the series of Disney+Loki.

Being a series with infinite possibilities thanks to its direct connection with the multiverses, we could still see the Canadian actor as a loki variant. We already saw his variant as a child, played by jack veal and gave a lot to talk about.

Apart from this possibility, we already knew that Finn was passionate about this world and a few years ago he made some interesting statements. He said that he would want to be in something related to Marvel, even if he was doing extra work as a computer scientist.

The UCM is something so vast that nothing can ever be guaranteed. The same in the future we can see Finn playing a young Loki or a Skrull. Who knows, what we do know almost for sure is that he will be in Marvel.