First impression: Nintendo Switch Sports (Test)

Every Nintendo Switch user with an online subscription could get started with Nintendo Switch Sports this weekend. On the menu was a game of bowling, tennis and chanbara! Curious about our experience? Then read on quickly!

Wii Sports 2.0

Nintendo Switch Sports is the spiritual successor to Wii Sports. The game where you could play all kinds of sports by using motion controls. In 2006 this was special, as all other consoles still worked with button controls. The Nintendo Wii also had a different kind of controller to make it easier to move around. Today, Switch owners will see some similarities in the Joy-Cons. The simple controls ensured that new target groups found their way to games. Grandmas, grandpas, young children, people with a physical or mental disability; a lot of people could suddenly play a video game.

Nintendo Wii Remote, Nunchuck controller, Nintendo Wii

Bowling, tennis and chanbara

This weekend, Switch owners with an online subscription were able to try out a number of games from Nintendo Switch Sports. There were, however, a number of restrictions. For example, only three games could be played and it was not possible to play against each other offline. Fortunately, you were able to go online as a pair! In addition, the game was opened at fixed times. Those were not great times for people from our region.
Saturday from 04:00-04:45, 12:00-12:45 or 20:00-20:45 and Sunday from 04:00-04:45 and 12:00-12:45.

After these bumps it was really time to get started with tennis, bowling and chanbara. The games looked cool and worked fine via motion controls on the Joy-Cons. It is nice to see that technical developments have really progressed. No more clumsy bar above the TV or wires between controllers, like on the Nintendo Wii. Everything works without too much hassle, which is positive. It’s not even higher math. Tennis and bowling, for example, feel very natural and even seem a bit ‘simple’. Chanbara was new and challenging for me. There was a tactical element to it, where you could block attacks and throw your sword in different directions. This last mentioned game was also my favorite!

What I do question is whether Nintendo Switch Sports is still current today. Is it still fun to play these ‘minigames’ with each other or against others online for a long time. Nostalgia plays a big part for me, because I enjoy it a lot. I’m just curious if Nintendo can make a full-fledged game out of it. For now I think 40 euros is quite a lot of money for this game.

Nintendo Switch Sports, Nintendo Switch, bowling, tennis, chanbara

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Sports, Chanbara, tennis, bowling

Nintendo Switch Sports, Nintendo Switch, tennis

Conclusion Nintendo Switch Sports – Test

All in all, the Nintendo Switch variant of this game also seems to be a success. Sports such as tennis and bowling are timeless and always fun to play with others. There is hardly anything comparable on the competing consoles. It remains to be seen whether the success formula of Wii Sports will still be successful in 2022.

Nintendo Switch Sports releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch on April 29.