First major PlayStation 5 update is coming tomorrow

Unfortunately, it is not yet the update for the NVMe SSDs, but PlayStation 5 users will be able to save PlayStation 5 games to their external hard drive from tomorrow.

In a message on the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced that the first major update of 2021 for the PlayStation 5 will be released tomorrow. So the biggest changes is the fact that you can now store PlayStation 5 games on an external hard drive. This is a faster alternative to those who download and install the games again. However, you cannot play them from there, but you will have to copy them back to the internal SSD before use.

The Game menu will also be slightly adjusted, making it even easier to access important content. It now lets you switch between parties and your friends list. You can also turn off in-game voice chat completely or adjust the volume of individual users in each session.

In addition, there will be a feature that, with games that support it, to download updates in advance when you have the console in idle mode. Your game library screen is enhanced with a search function and you can even hide games. Tomorrow’s update will also bring some nice tweaks to trophies. You can now determine which level of Trophy will trigger an automatic screenshot / video recording. There is also a new Trophy statistics screen with a compact view of your level.

Another great addition is Share Play support, which allows PS4 and PS5 players to share Share Play at parties. This allows non-PS5 owners to try out those games on their PS4, as long as they do it with a friend in the same company. All other Share Play functions, such as adding virtual controllers, passing the controller and so on, will also work.

If you feel like joining a friend’s game, there is now a Request to Join option that allows you to send a request to a friend with an open game session, essentially a reverse invite.

The PlayStation app should receive a similar update in the coming weeks, which will allow joining a session on PlayStation 5 from within the app, managing console storage, comparing trophy stats and filtering products in the PlayStation Store .