Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn launches on day one with Xbox Game Pass


  • Get your first look at A44 Games (Pale) last creation.
  • Flintlock is an action role-playing game that takes place in a world ruled by ancient gods.
  • Flinklock: The Dawn Siege It will be available from day one with Xbox Game Pass.

Hello everyone! The first game of our studio, Palewas released in 2018 and we are very excited to talk about what we have been preparing next.

Today, I am delighted to give you a first glimpse of Flintlock: The Dawn Siege, our new game and our studio’s most ambitious project to date. Coming later this year to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One and will also be available on day one on Xbox Game Pass!

Flintlock: The Dawn Siege

Flintlock is an action role-playing game that takes place in a world ruled by ancient gods. Although they were absent for thousands of years, they are back. With them the “Door to the Beyond” opens, giving way to his army of undead to escape from the interior. As they invade the world, humanity teeters on the brink of extinction.

Flintlock: The Dawn Siege

You will take on the role of our hero, Nor Vanek, a member of the coalition army who has a personal vendetta against the gods. But his journey does not take place alone, on the journey is Nor’s mystical companion Enki, a strange fox-like creature endowed with magical powers. Driven by revenge, together they will lead the final siege on humanity and explore an open world, traveling through desert sands, cavernous ruins, and towering cities that are teeming with secrets.

Flintlock: The Dawn Siege

What’s exciting about the game’s setting is that it’s inspired by the spark fantasy genre and combines black powder weaponry and technology with dark magic and powers of old gods. In our story, humanity is armed with gunpowder and for the first time finds itself with the power and tools to prevail over the most powerful beings in creation. It’s going to be the ultimate clash of gods and weapons and we’re creating a vast battlefield powered by magic and the power of weapons to embrace and truly make your mark on

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