Forever Skies is a Sci-Fi disaster game coming to PS5 via Far From Home

Far from home, the Polish studio based in Wroclaw, has announced its debut project in the form of Forever Skies, a sci-fi title centered on climate disasters.

The game originally went under the working title Project Oxygen and takes the form of a first-person action-survivals romp set on Earth after a series of massive natural disasters that have resulted in the planet becoming habitable. The game will be released for PC later in 2022 and will also come to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S at a later date.

In conversation with IGN, Andrea Blumenfeld, the CEO of Far From Home, confirmed that there are no plans to bring Forever Skies to PS4 and Xbox One.

The last two years of development have confirmed our view that among consoles, the next generation is the only generation. We also believe it’s high time for developers to get involved [i]n the name of quality and progress.

Forever Skies will be out on PC later this year with a PS5 and Xbox Series X/S release set to follow at an undisclosed date.

According to Blumenfeld, the game currently has about 30 hours of gameplay in the single-player campaign and will expand further as development progresses in 2022. “We plan to come out of Early Access armed with co-op mode, co-designed and tested with the community.”

[Source – IGN]