Former BioWare Dev Pens Thoughts On Rumors Mass Effect TV Show

Following reports that Amazon Prime is about to sign a deal for a Mass effect television adaptation, former BioWare head writer David Gaider took to Twitter to write his thoughts on a potential Mass effect or dragon era TV series.

Gaider, who worked at BioWare for more than 16 years before stepping down in 2016, wrote that the mere idea of ​​a Mass effect or dragon era TV show makes him “cringe” because a modified protagonist is a key feature of both video game franchises, which cannot be translated into a TV show. Gaider argued that this will cause some of the fan base to instantly alienate.

Gaider also pointed out that: Mass effect and dragon era protagonists are intended as a “blank slate” that players fill in with their decisions as they play. Since TV shows are a passive medium, each TV show protagonist has a fixed personality and story, which Gaider finds “weird”.

“Consider how much of the story is transferred to the Companions,” he continued. “It’s the codes where the player gets most of his emotional involvement. On their own, DA and ME protagonists are… well, pretty boring. That’s not going to fly.”

You can read the entire thread below.

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