Former Sony Executive Shawn Layden Joins Streamline Media Group

Streamline Media Group, a global video game and entertainment development company, has announced its appointment Shawn Layden to its advisory board. The beloved former Sony veteran will help shape Streamline’s global strategy for video games and enterprise.

Streamline Studios, founded in 2001 in the Netherlands and currently headquartered in Malaysia, has provided support for a number of high profile video games including Death Stranding, Final Fantasy XV, BioShock Infinite, and more recently, outsiders. Its partners include Capcom, Square Enix and Microsoft.

“We are honored and excited to have Shawn on board as we align with where we see the video game industry going and ultimately how it can provide socio-economic mobility for current and future generations,” CEO and Co-Founder of Streamline Media Group, Alexander Fernandez, said in a press release. “The lines between media, entertainment, technology and video games have come together in the Metaverse. Now is the time to build a sustainable structure around it that fosters the evolution of business models and welcomes more people, voices and talent to shape it.”

“The second era of interactive gaming is coming to an end,” added Layden, who spent 30 years at Sony in a variety of roles. “We are now at a breakthrough point. The costs of creation are not sustainable. The industry is ripe for disruption. It’s time for someone to come in, break the wheel and get more people to participate. Streamline is exceptional in delivering on demand and is positioned to transform the business.”

Layden’s appointment is part of Streamline’s efforts to expand into America with headquarters in Las Vegas. The company actively recruits software engineers and game developers to “transform traditional businesses through the implementation of video game technology.”