Forspoken Villains Details, Prequel DLC Coming Winter 2022

At The Game Awards 2021, Square Enix and Luminous Productions gave players an inside look at the main opponents of pronounced. Each of the Tantas, the former rulers of Athia, has a specific quality or virtue. In a new PlayStation Blog post, Luminous Productions’ Creative Producer Raio Mitsuno explained some of these Tantas and how they came to be. Furthermore, Mitsuno also revealed that: pronounced prequel DLC is slated for a winter 2022 release.

As they appeared in the new TGA 2021 trailer, the Tantas are the central antagonists of pronounced. While they used to be celebrated rulers, at some point they became oppressive, twisted versions of themselves.

Tanta Prav, who appeared in the aforementioned trailer, is the former leader of the Athian justice system. In addition, there are several other Tantas in pronounced. For example, Tantas Sila was the commander of Athian soldiers and symbolizes strength.

Forspoken Prequel DLC

The studio also put quite a lot of effort into designing these characters. Art Director Yuuki Matsuzawa noted that the team went so far as to create the outfits in real life and scanned them into the game in 3D. Luminous Productions also used full mocap to bring the Tantas to life.

If you’d like to learn more about the Tantas itself, Square Enix has plans to release the In Tantas we trust DLC, which will serve as a prequel. Pre-orders of the Digital Deluxe Edition include early access to the content, launching thereafter in Winter 2022 pronounced‘s launch.

[Source: PS Blog]