Fortnite Challenges Guide: Season 7, Week 4

Discover how to break wooden chairs and pallets, among other weekly challenges.


Last round of Fortnite challenges of 2018! Epic games He doesn’t want us to take off even for New Year’s Eve, so in addition to the 14 extra challenges (1 a day) of these holidays, we also have the mandatory weekly challenges, which correspond to week 4 of season 7. Of course, we also attach the location of this week’s secret banner.

As always, the challenges are divided into two categories: the first is free, the second is part of the paid battle pass. By completing the challenges marked as difficult, you get twice as many stars (10) as a normal one. If you finish all the challenges for a week, you unlock a loading screen. Collect them all to unlock the Snowfall skin at the end of the season.

Fortnite weekly challenges guide

Season 7, week 2

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Here are all the challenges for this week. If you complete them, you will earn a substantial dose of experience points to advance in the battle pass and be able to unlock new cosmetic rewards. Up to 100 for Premium Battle Pass buyers. After crossing them all off the list, you can get the secret banner.

Free challenges

  • Use a Stormwing X-4 plane in separate games (5).
  • Launch fireworks (3).
  • Hard: Eliminate enemies in outposts (2).

Premium Pass Challenges

  • Staged: Destroy chairs (80).
  • Deal damage to your opponents with the pickaxe (100).
  • Difficult: Eliminate enemies in Aldehucha Alegre or Parque Pleasant (3).
  • In phases, difficult: Look for the letter “O” west of Parque Placentero (1).

Where are the fireworks and airplanes?
Again, we found some challenges that only require us to find the object of turn and interact with them: the fireworks and the X-4 Stormwing, the plane that drives Fortnite players crazy. Fortunately, the well-known user SquantingDog indicates the location of all of them in the list of weekly challenges.

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Destroy chairs, wooden posts, and wooden pallets
This gradual challenge is tremendously easy to accomplish, but logically requires a bit of prior knowledge if you don’t want to spend your entire game looking for chairs, posts, and pallets. The good part of the challenge is that you will find these objects all over the map, but if you want to save time, we recommend some particularly crowded places.

  • Chairs: Placentero Park, Señorío de la Sal.
  • Wooden posts: Following the road to the southeast of the map.
  • Wooden pallets: Aldehuela Alegre Factory, Permeable Zone.

Look for the letters O, S, M and N
This challenge consists of five phases that require us to find four letters and then go to the restored Ciudad Comercio sign. We explain where all of them are.

  1. Letter O: It’s near the garbage container next to a house west of Parque Placentero.
  2. Letter S: Find it in the bunker under the surface of Alameda Aullante.
  3. Letter M: It is in Underground Socavón, inside a building facing south.
  4. Letter N: This is the most difficult because the location where it is found has no name. Go to the tent that is submerged in frozen water north of Polar Peak to find it.
  5. Restoring the poster! Go to Ciudad Comercio and look for it near the supermarket.

Secret banner of week 2
Have you finished all the challenges for this week? You can get an extra star that is hidden in a building. Collecting all of them will unlock an exclusive skin at the end of the season.