Fortnite PS4 Update 3.24 Comes With New Plasma Cannon

epic games unpacked the Fortnite Update 3.24 Patch Notes for your viewing pleasure, or if you are playing the battle royale title on PS5 you will be watching Fortnite update 01.00.035.

Read the latest news Fortnite Patch Notes below.

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Like a science lesson gone wrong, plasma balls are now being used for destruction. What was once used for purposes such as educating the youth or covering spilled liquids on the floor has become an instrument of war. See attached for a file about the “Plasma Cannon” made by IO.


The plasma cannon can be found in IO chests and normal chests and has enough energy to fire five plasma balls. What’s so bad about this one? An electric dome will surround them as they advance slowly, and enemies entangled in the dome will take heavy damage and be sent back. Vehicles are affected in the same way. Tip: If you find a way to keep enemies in the dome, even if they are boosted, they will take repeated damage.

How the plasma cannon affects buildings is another story. Fearing aliens may turn out to be advanced architects, the IO made it so that the plasma cannon destroys structures almost instantly. The plasma gun can not only be found, but also made. Since the IO used Alien technology to invent it, it can be created by combining a Legendary Pistol with an Alien Nanite.

With one plasma gun, one plasma ball can be deployed at a time. (Technically two for a brief moment.) But if you have multiple plasma cannons and cycle through them, multiple plasma balls can be deployed at once.


An unusual alien ship hovers over The Aftermath… The IO says “unusual” because it doesn’t seem to mean any harm. Its purpose is predicted to become clearer in the near future.


Please note that the plasma gun is not present in competing playlists.

The Inflate-A-Bull has been re-enabled in competing playlists.

[Source – Epic Games]