Frank Miller thinks about using his work for the Batman movies

Comic book writer and cartoonist Frank Miller is responsible for some of the best Batman stories that have served as a reference for the movies.

Zack snyder He is a very fan of the work of Frank MillerThat is why his films have so many references to his work. First adapted 300 (2006), but he also used his comics as inspiration for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), where some vignettes came to life. Without forgetting that Christopher Nolan He also used that material for some iconic moments in his trilogy.

Now we know how it suits Frank Miller let them use their work. It seems that at first he did not like it, but over time he acknowledges that the movies have also helped make his comic much more popular if that is possible.

“It’s been a few years since all this started, okay? And at first my reaction was to be very territorial and all that. “ Frank Miller admitted. “Now I have sat down a bit and with much deeper breathing and a broader view of everything and all I can say is: This is great! I walked in and came up with my idea for The Dark Knight Returns and that was basically the big buzz that I caused, which started my entire career. And since then I have seen the two fields collaborate from one side to the other ”.

“I benefited a lot from Dark Knight Returns and they too have and continue to do so. And it can only be seen as a healthy relationship. “

Frank Miller

His work has been adapted into many films.

Some of the most notable works of Frank Miller have been The Dark Knight Returns where Batman is facing Superman in armored armor. Batman: Year One that has served as inspiration for The batman from Matt reeves starring Robert Pattinson. Sin City of which they made two films and where the Frank Miller was involved. 300 also had two movies and Daredevil: Born Again whose story was very close to what they were trying to achieve with the series of Netflix who starred Charlie cox.