Free Guy Director Confesses Why He Won’t Launch On Disney +

Shawn Levy, director of the new Fox premiere, Free Guy, revealed the reason why his film will not premiere on Disney + like all the others from the company.

The popularity of streaming grows more and more and when there is a promising premiere, platforms fight to the death the possibility of having it. However, when Disney played this game and entered said market, the chances were narrowed. The company has powerful franchises such as Fox, Marvel or Lucasfilm, whose titles go directly to the great catalog of ‘The House of Mouse’.

The Free Guy case

However, an exception occurred with Free Guy, whose rights belong to Fox, but strangely its premiere will not occur in Disney +, unlike the rest of the titles of the year.

To answer the question of why this is so, the director, Shawn levyexplained the reality of the situation. These were his words:

“I think, well, two things, one is that shortly after Disney bought Fox, they came to a test screening of Free Guy. And I say this as someone who, either with Real steel or Ryan reynolds, we had this experience in Deadpool 2 where, we’ve had movies that have euphorically tasted things. Free Guy tested like nothing to a number that neither Ryan nor I had seen and the Disney brass was there.

So they always said throughout the pandemic, when we were saying, Are you sure you don’t want to show it to people? Because it’s done. They really always felt that if Free Guy can have his moment in theaters and the audience can feel that experience, that it could catch the wind in its favor and maybe even justify the existence of other stories within a new franchise, it is a great change. I have seen the movie in theaters and certainly all directors would prefer it to be seen big and out loud. So selfish, narcissistic, my director loves that. But with the COVID permissive, allowing the hope is that that collective experience can bring the film to life in culture the way we think it can. And that was always the position that Disney had “, he claimed.

So, according to the filmmaker, the production company was permissive and flexible. In this way, giving him the chance to take his wit first to the movie theaters. It should be noted that Free Guy will be available from August 12.

Source: Collider