From fanboy to developer, the dream of publishing on Xbox


  • From dream to reality, a story of how a ‘Dad’ publishes a game on Xbox
  • An extra coat of polish goes a long way, even on a ball of purple slime.
  • When a child runs out of games to play, make one!

“Dad, I can’t find many games that I can play…”

“Ok honey, what kind of game would you like to play? Should I make you one?

And that’s how it started. A little over a year ago, my five-year-old daughter told me that most of our Xbox games were too hard for her. After a bit of selection, we managed to put together a small group of games, but the idea of ​​creating one for her and children like her stuck…

As a game developer, I never got a job at an Xbox development studio. I thought, oh, how prestigious it would be to be part of a team working on an Xbox title (a lifelong dream, mind you). A few months after the development of BouncyBoi at Puzzlelandthere was quite a bit of interest, so I put a gloss overlay on my demo and sent it to [email protected] to deliver. I crossed all my fingers and toes.

green puzzle

One day, while I was busy working on the game, my email notification appeared. It was from [email protected]…

My heart skipped a beat. I said to myself “Here is the rejection letter”.

I read the first sentence…

“ Thank you for submitting your game concept to [email protected]! We wanted to get in touch with you and let you know that BouncyBoi in the land of puzzles has been approved for release on Xbox. “

Words cannot describe the excitement and euphoria that shot through my body at that moment!

Wiring guidelines tell us to avoid excessive exclamation points, so let’s say: “six exclamation points!” This was my first introduction to [email protected] team and just a token of the incredibly warm welcome and support they provided throughout this journey. Once the wave of chaos calmed down, I only had one thought in my head. “Time to level up.”

purple platform

My goal was to make the visuals in the game pop and look very polished. A lot of effort went into rendering tricks and post-processing to ensure it was worth being on this console. I would tell myself that I am a single developer working on a game for a console. Everything has to be ready.

When I look back at the first prototype, I can’t even recognize the game. It’s grown and evolved into something I’m really proud of, and definitely something worthy of being a console game.


This amazing feat could only be accomplished by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Every single question I had about the Xbox platform: the [email protected] team had my back. This game was built on the Unity engine and whenever I needed help with something Xbox specific, a team member was there.

the [email protected] It has helped me achieve my dream of developing and publishing a game on my favorite console, something I came very close to calling an impossibility.

My daughter has had the time of her life playing the game she helped create and is already planning the next title (something about cats, no doubt, ha!).

BouncyBoi in the land of puzzles is available for pre-order now!

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BouncyBoi in the land of puzzles

double stick


Jump into this colorful and cartoonish world with BouncyBoi and adventure through various levels full of challenging puzzles, cute graphics and fun rhythms. You are Bouncy Boi. A bouncy purple slime who loves to have fun and solve puzzles, making his way through Puzzle Land. That’s it… There’s no big epic backstory. There is no campaign to follow. Just great music, great visuals and fun times! You will be presented with a game board and you must navigate BouncyBoi to the finish line, overcoming puzzles and characters that will obscure your path. As you progress through the worlds, you’ll face new and interesting challenges to test your problem-solving skills.