Game of the Year according to Boyd

The year of remasters and remakes?

2021 has been an eventful year for the whole world. The game world has also recently had to learn to adapt to all the changes in the world, so that the development of games went less smoothly than hoped. Many games have therefore been postponed to 2022, which were scheduled for the end of 2021. Many of the titles of 2021 are therefore remasters and remakes, with many games that have received a PS5 upgrade. From Gamingnation, we have decided on titles that have received such an upgrade from PS4 to PS5 – such as Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding – not to understand it. But without further additions, here are my top 5 games of 2021!

5. Riders Republic

Race through the mountains with your bike, or slide down a snowy mountain with your snowboard; it’s all possible in Rider’s Republic. The latest open world game from Ubisoft gives us a gigantic playground in which all kinds of extreme sports can be practiced. The world is beautiful and the tracks are very well thought out, but unfortunately there is a very present in-game shop in which you can spend real money, which seems completely unnecessary to me in a game that already costs 70 euros and has in-game currency that you can earn by performing well. A very cool game, but the hand of corporate Ubisoft is clearly present.

Valheim record

4. Valheim

What do vikings mainly do? Build, fight, survive and eat! In Valheim you can build your Viking settlement while exploring the procedural generated world on your own or with friends. Hunt animals, defend your fortress against monsters and defeat the big bosses, while you have to watch out that your ship doesn’t sink or run out of food. The survival/craft genre may be over-represented on Steam, but Valheim is doing so well that it doesn’t really matter anymore!

3. It Takes Two

Col-la-bo-rat-ion! It Takes Two is the ultimate co-op experience of recent years. This game is great to play with your partner, even if they are not very good at video games. My wife and I loved this game to play together and we laughed out loud throughout the game. Is it a long game? Absolutely not, but every minute is filled with fun. When I think back to this game, I have nothing but fond memories – that warm Christmas feeling fluttering in your stomach – and so it definitely deserves a spot in my top three for 2021.

death loop

2. Death Loop

Practice makes perfect, they say. That is the mantra of Deathloop, the latest game from Arkane Studios. You wake up on an island and the same day keeps repeating itself, whether you die or when the night ends. It’s up to you as a player to break the loop by killing all Visionaries in one loop. However, this takes some practice. I am convinced that Deathloop is the most unique shooter of recent years and that the game is severely underappreciated by other critics. The game plays great, the style is groovy and swingy and you often feel like a real detective trying to solve a mystery. I even went so far as to have a whiteboard next to me to connect all the punches. I gave the game a 9.1 when I was done with it for a reason!

1. Returnal

Returnal is also a game that had received a lot of criticism, which I didn’t agree with myself. Returnal is the Roguelite game for me, ever. Returnal is not only phenomenal to watch and listen to, the game gives you such an adrenaline rush that I sometimes have to recover after a long run. The rush you get when you play an hour-long run and get into serious trouble and still get out is fantastic. The game is a constant cost-benefit consideration that you make in your head: Am I going into this room to collect extra weapons, at the risk of getting hit and therefore having less life? It is up to you to decide this. Returnal is extremely difficult and it is not for nothing one of the least played games of 2021. Returnal is the game of the year for me!