Games of the Year according to Jordy

In the past year, we maneuvered through a still prevalent and erratic pandemic. And while I’m really fed up with another lockdown, I realize at the same time that I can also look back on a great gaming year. A luxury that is certainly worth mentioning. With the necessary gratitude, my top 5 of 2021. With secretly a very surprising Game of the Year.

Editorial disclaimer: 2021 has proved to be an eventful year for the whole world. The game world has also had to learn to adapt to constant changes in recent times. As a result, the development of games has gone less smoothly than hoped. Many titles that were scheduled for 2021 have been moved to 2022. For the past year, it mainly meant many games that were provided with a next-gen upgrade. From Gamingnation we have decided not to include such titles in our list, or to designate them as Game of the Year.

5. Tales of Iron
A game that combines the aesthetics of a beautiful hand-drawn fairy tale book with fiercely difficult combat. In Tales of Iron The kingdom of rats is brutally attacked by an army of frogs. It’s up to you, as Redgi, to drive these antagonistic amphibians back to the pond. A not so easy task, because Tales of Iron is anything but easy. At times it even feels so difficult that it eventually gets stuck at a fifth. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is an atmospheric and manageable game that is more than worth it.

Quake Remastered
Huh, surely a remaster in this list? Yes, but one from a game from the distant past. Some will say that Doom is the cradle of the fps genre. But those people have the original Quake probably never played. I was pleasantly surprised that it was suddenly on the digital shelves this year. And guess what: Quake still manages to captivate more than 20 years after its original release. Fast action, smart level design and being punished mercilessly hard and can be picked up for only ten euros. Quake is not only a rock solid game, but also an interesting journey back in time.

3. Metroid Dread

A fluid and streamlined game that largely respects the foundation of the series, but gives it a modern twist. Although somewhat linear in nature, Metroid Dread you by the cocks and then not let go. Just like the EMMI when they got you. Actually a must-have for the seasoned metrofan, but certainly also for newcomers in possession of a Nintendo Switch. I wrote an extensive review about the game. You can read it here.

2. Monster Hunter Rise

rise felt to me like hugging a lost love. For long I was the Monster Hunterlost track of the franchise. Fortunately, not completely from the heart. And what turned out: rise immediately grabbed me. As usual I was hunting again. And with the necessary quality-of-life improvements, it turned out to be better than ever before. The complex game is still not for everyone. But at the same time rise more accessible than ever. For fans of the series and Nintendo Switch owners, this is definitely a title that should be in your collection. An extensive review of Monster Hunter Rise you can read via this link.

1. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Wings of Ruin may not be the best game on this list. But it is the game that I simply had the most fun with. And therefore also my Game of the Year. The spin-off is a breath of fresh air in a long year where not everything turned out well. Wings of Ruin is essentially a pokemon-game with a MHjacket on. But a damn fine jacket. It is a feast of recognition to bump into (and of course catch) almost all the monsters in the series. I will therefore not close 2021 as a hunter, but as a collector. An extensive review of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin you read here.