Gearbox Studio opens in Montreal to work on Borderlands and new IP

Gearbox Entertainment Company has announced the creation of a new studio in Montreal to work on border areas and new IP.

Gearbox veterans Sebastien Caisse and Pierre-Andre Dery will lead the Montreal studio, which will employ up to 250 employees. The duo previously worked at Gearbox Quebec, which was founded in 2015.

“The Gearbox Entertainment Company is ambitiously looking, both internationally and domestically, to grow our creative engine and meet the incredible demand our customers have for talent-created experiences with our intellectual property,” said CEO Randy Pitchford in a press release. “Following our successful experience establishing Gearbox Studio Quebec, our investment in a new studio in Montreal creates an exciting new perspective for Montreal-based talent – ​​whether they want to work on existing Gearbox franchises or help create new ones. , original ideas. With the leadership of Sebastien and Pierre-Andre, I know that the incredible local game development community will welcome Gearbox Studio Montreal and its balance of big studio muscle and local team culture as a necessary addition to the city.

Gearbox Montreal has already advertised a plethora of job openings, suggesting that the developer has taken off. According to its website, the studio wants to “keep the balance between ambitious projects, a human-sized team and self-realization.”

“Building on Gearbox’s long history of creative freedom, we are excited to assemble a new development team to work on the border areas franchise and create new IP in Montreal,” Dery added in the press release.

Gearbox’s new IP address is still in the works. The company was recently acquired by the Swedish Embracer Group.