Genshin Impact Update 2.4 arrives January 5

MiHoYo has announced that it will start the new year with the next big update for Genshin impact. Version 2.4, titled ‘Fleeting Colors in Flight’, will land on January 5 and will bring with it the Lantern Rite festival along with its rewards, a new area, new enemies and two new playable characters.

The annual Lantern Rite gives players the chance to get the four-star Liyue character for free, as well as the chance to earn “rich” rewards again. The new area is called Enkanomiya – the ruins of an ancient underwater civilization ripe for players to explore.

“Unlike the other islands in Inazuma, Enkanomiya is a huge floating island under the ocean, constantly being eroded by the Abyss,” wrote miHoYo. “Ancestors of the people of Watatsumi Island once lived there, leaving the ruins of an ancient civilization older than any other relics found on the land. Without night and day underground, players will find a way to use Dainichi Mikoshi, the artificial sun developed by the ancient civilization, as they delve into the puzzles and depths of Enkanomiya.

Enkanomiya will come with new dangerous enemies, but players will have new companions to deal with the threats. The two new playable characters are the five-star Shenhe and the four-star Yun Jin. Shenhe uses cryo power and her Elemental Skill can amplify the Element Skills and damage of nearby party members. Yun Jin is equipped with Geo Vision and can amplify her teammates’ normal attacks.

Update 2.4 will also bring games, booths, vendors, and other festivities to Liyue Harbor.