Geoff Keighley hints at more major acquisitions in 2022

Geoff Keighley has been an industry insider for a long time, so to see him hint at some hidden knowledge of more acquisitions in the works isn’t all that surprising.

That’s exactly what one of his most recent tweets does. “As you might suspect, there are a few other major video game deals in the final stages of negotiations,” he said on Twitter.

Now he does nothing to hint at who is being taken over by whom or anything of that nature, but it is clear that the industry will be shaken up.

In the first month of 2022 alone, we’ve seen billions of dollars exchange in deals, all of which have huge implications for the industry.

Knowing that we’ll only see more deals like this in the future means we can be sure of one thing: the industry will definitely look very different in 2023.

Jim Ryan has already come out and said we can expect “more” acquisitions from play stationso at least some of that shift in the industry will come from Sony.

Source – [Twitter]