Ghostrunner DLC Expansion “Project_Hel” Coming January 2022

Ghostrunner ran through recently PS5 earlier this year, and now in just over a month, the game’s first expansion arrives PS5 and PS4. The new DLC titled Project_Hell has a release date for January 27, 2022.

While this is new content for Ghostrunner, you don’t play as Jack. Instead you play as Hell, one of the bosses who Jack faces and defeats from the first game.

Hell will be equipped with her own displacement set and unique abilities, and according to the developers, she has “the ability to withstand more powerful attacks compared to the Ghostrunner.”

That could be a subtle clue that the main “one hit kill” mechanics of the game are for all enemies and you may have changed here. With a new set of moves and powers to expect, it will be interesting to see how One more level, 3D realms and Everything in! Spell change the Ghostrunner formula.

Source – [505 Games Press Release]