Ghostwire: Tokyo Release Date Confirmed for March, New Showcase Airing Tomorrow

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s release date was previously leaked as March 24, 2022but we now know the real date is March 25, 2022.

The news was confirmed when the official play station YouTube channel made the broadcast of a new showcase public just over a day before it goes live.

The description of the video says “Facing the unknown in” Ghostwire: Tokyolaunch March 25, 2022 On Playstation5.”

Now that we know the release date isn’t until next month, we can expect tomorrow’s showcase to be filled with a good chunk of gameplay for players to see.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is the finale of two games released exclusively on PS5 while it is published by Microsoft. Like it death loop before that, deals had already been made to ensure the console’s exclusivity on PS5 before Zenimax was acquired.

While this is probably the last time we’ll likely see a release like this, it still has an odd feel to it. Although it seems like that strange feeling will just have to be something we have to get used to, when you consider that Bungie is now owned by play station.

Source – [YouTube]