Glimpse joins Rogue Company

The last update of the new year for Rogue Company it’s here! This update introduces a new Rogue and many quality of life updates as part of our Project Saint initiative! Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Mexico).

Glimpse is the result of a genetic engineering program whose purpose was to create a super assassin. She was deemed a “failure” and scheduled for destruction as the show believed she was too empathic. She escaped destruction with cloaking technology and has now vowed to stop those responsible for her traumatic experience on the show. Glimpse joins Rogue Company to continue the fight against the evil organization, Jackal.

Do you want to take advantage and sneak up on your enemies? Glimpse’s Camouflage ability is ideal for this. Activate his ability to become invisible to the enemy team, but be careful, because fast movements or taking damage will make you visible. Due to Glimpse’s genetically heightened senses, her passive, Sleighty, allows you to periodically spot enemies around you.

“Glimpse’s abilities will push the limits of her enemies, as her development pushed the technical limits of our engine,” said Zoey Schlemper, Technical Artist. “The programming, engine, visual effects and technical art teams worked together to create multiple custom systems to ensure that Glimpse’s new Camouflage technology looks as good as it feels.”

Project Saint is one of the priorities for the development team this year. This initiative features bug fixes and the implementation of new quality of life updates for a gaming experience of Rogue Company more fluid. Some of the features include a new passive for Vy, a bigger shield for Sigrid, the ability to block players, and more! Stay tuned to Xbox Wire in Spanish for all the details on upcoming updates!

Glimpse is now available on Rogue Company on Xbox One X|S. Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Mexico).