God of War PC mods have gone viral

god of warThe PC version of the PC recently launched without official mod support, but Santa Monica Studio wanted players to go ahead and get creative. Well, they asked and players delivered. The modding community has a lot of fun with god of war. From one-eyed Kratos to a mustachioed Kratos – we’ve seen it all. These mods are creepy and funny at the same time.

Here’s What God of War PC Mods Have Been Up To

Twitter user Speclizer showed off some of the best creations. Feel free to take a look:

And here’s Kratos with just a mustache courtesy of modder DisablePP and YouTuber DanteLive4game:


Will God of War PC get official mod support?

While the above mods have already caught the attention of Santa Monica Studio, the developer currently has no plans to add mod support.

“It’s quite a complicated process to get our resources from Maya into play, and so to try and build easy-to-use tools to do that – it takes months to train our own artists to put some of those processes in place. – so trying to build a tool that is intuitive enough for an end user to do some of those things would be quite a bit of work,” said senior technical production manager, Matt DeWald, Game Informer earlier this month. Cory Barlog also didn’t offer much hope when he reiterated that the development team’s tools are “super custom and inherently complicated.” Nevertheless, the mods are already in full swing.

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