Godfall PS5 Developer Is Working On New Fantasy Shooter

Counterplay Games, the developer behind PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 console-exclusive Godfall, is working on a new action fantasy shooter IP. While the studio hasn’t announced anything, the job descriptions spotted by VeryAli Gaming have spilled the beans. Counterplay is specifically looking for developers for its “unannounced cooperative fantasy shooter”.

Will Counterplay’s new game be a PS5 exclusive like Godfall?

Counterplay’s feature descriptions understandably don’t reveal much, but it does reveal that the following IP is in development for the “next-gen console platform,” meaning the unannounced shooter could be in development for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. /s.

The feature descriptions further reveal that Counterplay’s new game will be story-focused, with an emphasis on characters, quests, and lore. The game will be “heavily combat-oriented” and the developer is looking for someone with experience in 3D action combat and action role-playing games, indicating that the mysterious title will feature RPG elements. The requirement to have experience in implementing “third-party characters” suggests that the game will be played in third person.

In addition to the above, Counterplay’s game will feature multiplayer. Interestingly, the job description for a producer states that candidates who have experience developing multi-character synchronized animations (assassination) are preferred, indicating that the game can feature stealth action.

Counterplay’s first step in next-generation development was criticized. Godfall, which was available on the PS5 at launch, was panned by critics. The inclusion of the stripped-down version in a PS Plus series as the sole PS5 offering also caused backlash. It remains to be seen whether Counterplay’s second attempt at making a next-gen title will outperform or not.

We will update our readers when we have more information.

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[Source: Counterplay via VeryAli Gaming]