Good news for the new version of El Cuervo (The Crow)

They’ve been trying to make a new version of The Raven for a while now and it looks like we’ll have some big updates on the project soon.

In 1994 the cult film was released The Raven starring Brandon Lee, then they made several continuations where they lowered the level quite a bit. But now they want to make a new reboot and there are even some pictures of Jason Momoa when he almost played the character. But unfortunately he left the project, still we have good news for fans of this story.

The producer Ed Pressman revealed in a recent interview how the project is progressing: “The Raven is something of an anti-superhero, unique in the world of graphic novels. My partners and I look forward to announcing a new director and cast in the near future.”

So soon we will know who will be in charge of showing us this tragic and violent story in theaters again.

The original director disagrees with them doing a reboot.

The 1994 film was directed by Alex Proyas (Dark City, Gods of Egypt) and think that The Raven without Brandon Lee is something impossible. He recently commented on it:

“Brandon Lee made that movie what it is. He made that movie, he made that character. That character was not taken from a comic, that was Brandon. And Brandon Lee died making that movie, he paid the worst price anyone could pay to make a movie and it’s his legacy… So that’s what the movie is, it’s not just a movie that can be remade. It is the legacy of a man. And he should be treated with that level of respect.”

The story of The Raven It’s straight out of graphic novels. James O’Barr. Whose main character named Eric was shot in the head and left paralyzed, being able to see the brutal things the assailants did to Shelly, before dying. A year later, his soul is returned to his body and he goes on a journey to seek revenge.

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