Gran Turismo 7 State of Play Showcases New PS5 Gameplay

Gran Turismo 7 just had a Situation event entirely dedicated to informing players about what to expect March 4, 2022. The whole event shows how much GT7 is a love letter to car culture and car fans, but it also showed some new gameplay.

Interestingly, this gameplay showed two new features in Gran Turismo 7, which are music rally and music replay. First in music rally, it is a mode where you have no other goal but to drive and enjoy the music.

Music Replay, syncs your replays of your driving with music, so you can enjoy in a new way. polyphony producer Kazunori Yamauchi notes that all images you see during gameplay are captured directly on PS5making it look even more impressive and exciting.

You can check out the new gameplay (@43:13) for yourself here:

In others Gran Turismo 7 news today Situation also showed off an entire car museum in the game. Complete with a detailed history of famous cars and car manufacturers.

Source – [YouTube]