Grounded: 10 million players and a new update!

The team of grounded is happy to announce that over 10 million players have enjoyed the Back Garden! It’s been amazing to see so many players experience being the size of an ant. But it’s even better to see so many people play it even before its full release. With a small development team constantly receiving feedback from the community, grounded It wouldn’t be where it is without you, who have supported us during the Game Preview / Early Access period. These comments will allow grounded be in a perfect position for launch later this year. Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Mexico).

Adam Brennecke, director of Grounded Game, along with the team, they made a short thank you video for all the people who made this great milestone possible. As an added celebration, the team also released a dynamic background themed on grounded so Xbox gamers can enjoy a beautiful view of the backyard on their dashboard every time they turn on their console.

While the team is working towards the full release, there are still a few updates left to complete the current state of the backyard. The most recent, update 0.12, is simply wonderful and has many new areas to explore, as well as new creatures. In the upper courtyard, players will discover that the BBQ grill has fallen over. This will lead to dangerous hot ground on the way to the woodpile, so we recommend preparing for high temperatures.

Once you’ve made your way through the ashes, you’ll reach the new woodpile, the lair of a new creature: TERMITES! The woodpile is like a huge dungeon that houses a new creature that you can use to craft not only a new level 3 axe, but also a new piece of chest armor.

However, this is not the only thing you can expect from the update! Along with the termites and soldier termites found in the woodpile, you will also come across 8 other creatures. Keep your eyes peeled for ox beetles, dust mites, beetles, green bugs, ladybug larvae, ladybugs, and the recently infected (and community-suggested) wolf spiders with their own unique Danger Dumpling color scheme for anyone! Let him play in arachnophobia mode.

Speaking of community suggestions, the team is always listening to your feedback and has made a number of new improvements based on player requests. The first of these is the ability to craft many items at once. You can now craft up to five items at a time if you have enough resources. The new Peep.R mode will allow you to zero in on areas of the map and mark points of interest for yourself and other players. As for creation, are you looking for a certain material to create an item? Visit the new resource inspection stations, scan a type of material and find out where that item is located in the garden. Finally, you will now be able to deposit storable items in chests and containers, making inventory management much easier.

Also, you will be able to make a Black Ox Axe, Splinter Arrows, two new food recipes, a new set of Burr Weed base floors, a new spicy weapon and, if you are looking for achievements, enjoy the 8 new achievements waiting to be unlocked. If you would like to know more about the update, please refer to the latest Vlog Grounded on Obsidian’s YouTube channel.

grounded it will continue to grow as the team gets closer to the release of version 1.0 later this year. We couldn’t do it without all the support from the community! Thank you for helping us make grounded the game that you and the development team want to play. Until next time! In the meantime, stay safe and grounded!