GTA 5 gets high-end PC visuals on PS5

GTA 5 is getting a lot of improvements when it arrives on PS5 later this month, including “high-end PC visuals”. Some of the other PlayStation 5 features for Grand Theft Auto V include 3D audio, DualSense features, and faster loading times.

What graphics modes are available in GTA 5 on PS5?

Grand Theft Auto V PS5

GTA V comes with three graphics modes when it launches on PS5 on March 15. Fidelity mode targets 30 FPS but supports native 4K resolution with ray tracing. At the other end of the scale, Performance mode hits 60 FPS, but only supports upscaled 4K resolution. Finally, Performance RT Mode sits in between the other two, hitting 60 FPS with upscaled 4K resolution but with the addition of ray tracing.

Other improvements include faster load times thanks to the console’s SSD drive and Tempest 3D positional audio. The extra processing power allows for “increased population and traffic variation, increased vegetation density, improved light quality over shadows, water reflections and other elements. Plus improved anti-aliasing, motion blur, highly detailed new explosions, fire and much more.

The DualSense controller will also play an important role in the new version of Grand Theft Auto 5. Haptic feedback and the Adaptive Triggers allow players to experience features such as weather effects, directional damage, rough road surfaces and explosions in a whole new way.

Those who want to transfer their game to PS5 can transfer their progress in GTA V Story Mode and GTA Online progress with a one-time migration. Players can start this process starting today, March 4, by going to GTA 5 on PS4 and going to the Game tab of the Pause menu† There is an option here to upload a saved game to the Rockstar Games Social Club. Only one save game can be saved at a time and players must download it to PS5 within 90 days of uploading to the Social Club.

Those who want to transfer their GTA Online progress can easily do so by loading the game on PS5 while signed in to their Rockstar Games Social Club Account† The migration is handed over all characters, GTA$, progress, stats, vehicles, properties, weapons, clothing and player-created jobs.

In other news, Gran Turismo 7 appears to have been withdrawn from sale in Russia after the ‘Add to cart’ button was replaced with a release date pending confirmation’. Sony has not yet made an official comment. Elsewhere, some PlayStation Plus members have reported getting free PS Now subscriptions when renewing their current membership, sparking more rumors of an impending Project Spartacus unveiling.