GTA fan storms the stage of the German game show and wants to know when GTA 6 comes out

Because of the time that the process of developing a game can take, fans sometimes wait more than ten years for a game to be released, and it can be excruciating for some, especially for a gamer who stormed the stage of a German game show. and ask to know when? GTA 6 will come true.

It seems that the stress of not knowing when the game will be released has led the gamer known as Taser to think that the comedian who hosts the German TV show Schlag den Star might have an idea when GTA 6 will come true.

The host, Elton, is not so enthusiastic? rock star insider Taser had hoped for could only shrug and tell Taser he had no idea of ​​the release date for GTA 6 and entertain him until security escorted Taser off the stage.

Stories like this are rather eccentric, but Taser does have a point that it’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything about the events of rock stars follow up Grand Theft Auto title. Hopefully soon after the alleged GTA remakes come out, we’ll make something concrete of this rock star about when we can expect GTA 6.

Source – [TheGamer]