Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Teases Gamora’s New Look

Gamora’s character (Zoe Saldana) will have a new design in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and we already have a first look.

In Avengers: Infinity War we saw die Gamora at the hands of Thanos and now we’re gonna have her back on Guardians of the Galaxy 3. The mad titan he threw her off the cliff to get his precious soul gem and it caused a very deep wound in our hearts. However, in Avengers: Endgame we had back the character of Zoë Saldana, but his version from 2014. A version where he hadn’t met the Guardians yet and hadn’t fallen in love with them yet. star lord. A very interesting narrative proposal to explore at the end of the trilogy of Marvel Studios.

Precisely, Zoe Saldana has shared in your Instagram account a photograph on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy 3 in which we see Gamora wearing gold eyeshadow. A design change that we are going to share with you below:

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What does this design change mean? Do you have any explanation? We don’t know, but the truth is that it is a good nod to the character in the comics. We show you how that golden eyeshadow looks in the vignettes of marvel comics:

Gamora in Marvel comics

Do you think they will explain this change or will they just take it for granted?

For Alex Ross, the canon of DC Comics stops in the 70s

A variant that is not in the crosshairs of the AVT

To be honest, we are talking about a relatively minor change and surely many see it as a nice tribute to the character in the comics. This time-displaced Gamora is a variant of the character many of us have come to love, leading fans to wonder why the Temporary Variation Agency (AVT) He didn’t want to end it.

We assume that events in Loki from this. Nor would we be surprised if James Gunn explain in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 why it has been able to stay and has not caused any conflict with the space-time organization. It’s what Marvel Studios usually does: build forward, continue to grow and connect everything. A delight for all viewers, who remain always expectant to see what new thing is invented.