Guerrilla Games didn’t want a crunch at Horizon: Forbidden West

Horizon: Forbidden West finally comes out today! It could take a while, the game has of course been postponed, but that was for a good reason; Guerrilla Games wanted to prevent the so-called ‘crunch’.

Mathijs de Jonge, director at Guerrilla Games, told more in an interview with about the development process of Horizon: Forbidden West. A comment is made about overtime, to which de Jonge responds, “That happens very rarely with us. We are very aware of the disadvantages of crunching, so we keep that in mind in our planning. To give an example: at Christmas we said that there will be no work and that everyone could just take a two-week holiday. The company was closed, you couldn’t even go there to work.”

The Younger continues, “Forbidden West might have come out late last year, but we might have had to work overtime. People should also be able to relax and take a vacation, for example to be with family and friends. That also played a part in the decision to release the game only now.”

Earlier there were negative reports in the news about ‘crunching’ during development, including at Rockstar. Towards the end of the development of Red Dead Redemption 2 people worked about 60 hours a week. Postponing the game does not always have the desired effect, however, as the development of The Last of Us II showed. Keep an eye on the front page, our own Horizon: Forbidden West review will be out after the weekend.