Guide: Collecting Honey in Minecraft

Collect honey in Minecraft, Minecraft Honey, Minecraft Bee Hives – Minecraft is the game that keeps on giving, and with update 1.5, creator Mojang introduced bees and honey into the mix! You can use it to make beehives and collect honeycombs, among other things. But how to collect honey in minecraft? Find out below!

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How to collect honey in Minecraft?

To get honey in Minecraft, you need three main items: glass bottles, campfire and of course a bee nest. The bottles are used to store the honey, while the vampire protects you from bees as it makes them docile and won’t attack them. The beehive is pretty clear!

  1. Find a bee nest, which is usually located in birch or oak trees in biomes including Plains, Sunflower Plains, and Flower Forest.
  2. The nest should reach level 5, and when it does, you’ll see honey dripping from the nest to indicate it’s ready to be picked!
  3. Place a campfire under the nest and make sure there are no obstacles between the fire and the nest. As mentioned, this calms the bees so they won’t sting you.
  4. Use your glass bottle on the nest to get the honey.