Guide to find and free the dragons of God of War

Instructions to get the “Dangerous Skies” trophy.

God of war

The World Serpent is by no means the only reptile found in God of War. Throughout our adventure in the Norse kingdoms, we will encounter three imprisoned dragons: Otr, Reginn and Fafnir. If we release all of them as we explain in this guide, we will unlock the Trophy “Dangerous Skies”.

In all cases we find a mechanism similar to that of the Norns’ chests: our task is to find (and destroy) the three shrines near each dragon that keep them imprisoned. The only difference is that to reach them, you must complete certain favors. After breaking all three locks, head back to the creature to set it free.

Find and free the dragon Otr

Favor “Imprisonment of Otr”.

Image of God of War

Otr is located in Veithurgard.

  • The first shrine is on the other side of a wooden bridge.
  • You will find another shrine if you go straight to the right of the dragon.
  • There is one more sanctuary behind the door you open in the first place.

Find and free the dragon Fafnir

Favor “The flight of Fafnir”.

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The intimidating Fafnir is on the Council of Valkyries.

  • The first altar that holds Fafnir is on your left, near the beginning of the area. Beware of fire!
  • There is another altar inside a cave, climbing a wall near the waterfall.
  • The last one is in the background on the left, following a path with some tough enemies.

Find and free the dragon Reginn

Favor “Reginn’s Fire”.

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You will find Reginn in Konunsgard, he has no loss.

  • The first altar is near the path you walk to get there, next to the main altar.
  • There is another one in a cave near the ruins.
  • Finally, the other altar is behind a door that you open with runes.