Guilty Gear Strive Reportedly Adds Slayer and Baiken as DLC Characters

Data miners snoop around the Guilty Gear Endeavor files, and have found evidence suggesting that Slayer and Baiken will be the game’s next batch of DLC characters.

The findings were reported by Twitter user Lean_Buscaglia and involve voice files for the as-yet unannounced characters. Obviously we are still waiting for an official word from Arc system works, but data mining is usually pretty reliable when it comes to this sort of thing.

For those unaware, Slayer takes the form of an ancient vampire and is the founder of the Assassins Guild. He apparently likes haikus and spends a lot of time with his wife Sharon, who also happens to be an immortal.

Meanwhile, Baiken is of Japanese descent and witnessed the death of her parents when she was young at the hands of a racing bioweapon known as the Gears. As a result, she has sworn revenge and trained herself to use the katana deadly.

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Guilty Gear Strive launched its first post-launch character, Goldlewis Dickinson, earlier this week as part of a new title update. Read our full review of the game here.

[Source – MP1st]