Harry Potter explains a major mistake in his movies

The Harry Potter movie saga is well loved by fans, but they are not perfect. A very important bug has now been explained.

In the movie universe Harry Potter, Remus Lupine Y Fenrir Greyback they look radically different as werewolves and there doesn’t seem to be an explanation… Until now! The two characters are on opposite sides in both aesthetics and personality, and their werewolf forms are a way to visualize how different they are as people, as well as the nature of their relationships and their own afflictions.

Fenrir Greyback was a prominent Death Eater, with a sadistic interest in attacking children and turning as many witches and wizards as werewolves. In 1965 he was arrested by the Ministry of Magic under suspicion of murdering two Muggle children. Nothing less than lyalf LupineRemus’s father, managed to imprison Greyback, despising the lycanthropes and saying that they were beings “evil and heartless who deserve nothing more than death«.

Greyback responded to that hatred by attacking the four-year-old. Remus’s family lived through that tragedy and kept his son isolated for safety. Remus had a pretty sad life until James Potter took him under his wing. When the parents of Harry Potter When they died, Remus returned to a lonely and miserable life, unable to hold down a job. Then when Lord Voldemort Return, dumbledore recruited Lupine again and offered him a better life both in hogwarts like in the Order of the Phoenix.

The difference between Remus and Fenrir explained by their personality

While Remus Lupine hated her lycanthropy, Fenrir Greyback fully embraced her, also gaining a more beastly and primitive human appearance. She enjoyed hurting people so much that she didn’t even need a full moon to let out the wolfish side of her. Very disturbingly, Voldemort promised Greyback “sons and daughters” in exchange for catching wizards for him. He was a cannibalistic child killer, whose werewolf form was huge, muscular, and covered in fur, much like the usual description of the lycanthrope in classical folklore.

When Remus becomes a werewolf in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabanthe film directed by Alfonso Cuaron, the three protagonists observe a gaunt and hairless wolf. This proves that Remus has been suppressing the wolf inside him all his life, hating every part of his affliction and living in constant fear of killing someone when he is out of his mind.

(Fountain: ScreenRant)