Have you linked your credit card to Apple Pay?

Published February 19, 2021

Apple pay

Although it is almost 7 years since Apple Pay was first launched (in 2014), the service was not launched in Sweden until 2017. Therefore, it is only in recent years that the service has established itself properly in the country.

Today, the number of banks joining Apple Pay is growing rapidly, as is the number of resellers and businesses that support the service. Despite this, there are still many Swedes who have both a credit card and an Apple device but who still have not connected to Apple Pay.

Due to this, we decided to examine the market and list the Swedish banks and lenders that currently support Apple Pay.

Swedish credit card with support for Apple Pay

Using Bästakreditkortet.se we have examined the market in the search for the credit cards that can today be linked to Apple’s payment service. Of course, all data has been confirmed against both Apple and each individual lender.

As I said, more and more businesses are joining Apple Pay all the time and the list of Swedish banks that support Apple Pay is impressive today. For example, all major Swedish banks – with the exception of Länsförsäkringar – have connected to the payment platform. Furthermore, companies such as Revolut, N26 and Klarna have also joined Apple Pay, while some larger banks are missing from the list, including ICA Banken, SBAB and Skandiabanken.

List of banks linked to Apple Pay 2021

Source Apple

American Express
Bank of America
Danske Bank
EML Rewards
Commercial banks
Complete Bank
Swedbank AB
Volvo Finance

If your bank or lender is listed above, you can connect the card to Apple Pay and thus make contactless payments with your Apple Watch or iPhone. If, on the other hand, your bank is not listed above, you will have to wait for it to be added. Given how fast the development has been in recent years, it will not be long before your bank is also included.

NOTE! Remember to double check who your lender is as many credit cards are owned by a certain company but get their credit granted by a third party. For example, Swedbank AB in collaboration with Entercard is one of the largest lenders in Sweden and de facto those responsible for credit for many, many Swedes.

How does Apple Pay work?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment solution with two main tasks. Firstly, to make payments easier with contactless payments over the phone, and secondly, to make payments more secure.

The service works by linking a credit card to your Apple Pay account. Then you can use your Apple devices to pay in stores with card readers. Identification is done either through face identification or a similar signing solution in your mobile device.

Face identification combined with Apple encrypting all card details and also varying the account number for each payment minimizes the risk of being skimmed.