[email protected] introduces new Brawl Pass

Knockout City’s the second season took players to a night out at the movies, but Knockout City Season 3 takes the dodge brawler in a completely different direction. Launching Tuesday, October 5, Season 3: [email protected] takes the competition to a dismantled prison where they try to find out who the hacker Z3r0 is and what they are up to in Knockout City. Additionally, Season 3 will launch an all-new Seasonal Pursuit for players with the Brawl Pass, a Season Pass-esque trail of cosmetics to earn in addition to the universal randomized Street Rank rewards.

Watch the trailer for Knockout City Season 3: [email protected]:

Knockout City is attacked by a mysterious hacker known as Z3r0, “an all-seeing eye that watches the television, billboards, and even the Brawlers’ outfits.” The new map this season is the Alcatraz-esque Lockdown Throwdown, an abandoned prison off the coast where some of the security measures are still in place, and players caught by them could end up in a cage ball – or maybe with a free cage ball in it. to use their advantage.

Additionally, Knockout City Season 3 will feature four new playlists and events throughout the season, with new modes and ways to play, as well as new themed cosmetics (Velan and EA haven’t revealed anything about the events yet, but Halloween seems like a safe bet for a theirs). Other new features include new crew contracts, new crew cosmetics (including motorcycles as vehicles and crew horns for your vehicle), “a new energy drink, player voices, Chonky locations, bundles and store items, and more.”

A big change for Season 3 is the addition of the Brawl Pass, an additional 100-level season track to chase, apart from the random Street Rank cosmetic unlocks. The Brawl Pass has both free and paid tracks: 20 levels of free content spread throughout the pass, and the remaining 80 are exclusive to premium buyers. These rewards are not random, including 45 cosmetics and over 1,000 Holobux.

This is a sequel to similar models seen in other live multiplayer games, providing a good incentive for players to play seasonally. 950 Holobux players get the Premium Brawl Pass, while 2,800 Holobux snag the premium pass plus an instant unlock of 25 levels. Six special weekly Brawl Pass contracts per week give players ways to earn Brawl Pass XP and level up. The Brawl Pass also introduces 10 radio transmissions to unlock, bringing more story to Knockout City, narrated by the DJ as a radio-like drama.

Knockout City Season 3: [email protected] will launch on October 5, 2021. If it follows the timing of previous seasons, it should run for about 10 weeks, with Season 4 expected to kick off on December 14.