Hello Neighbor 2 Coming To PS5 And PS4, Beta Set For April

Last but not least of today’s seven indie game announcements on PlayStation Blog is Hello Neighbor 2’s announcement of coming to PS5 and PS4and a beta has been set for Apr 7, 2022.

Like all other announcements today, Hello Neighbor 2 received his own blog post, where he talked about the expanded world and what’s new in Hello Neighbor 2.

The blog post read in part:

With an expanded world comes a vast roster of all-new characters to meet, guard and escape. What secrets could The Baker be hiding in those croissants?

Is there something dark about the taxidermist? And what the mayor is planning would justify keeping an attack dog safe. Wait… are there dogs in Hello Neighbor now?!

Your adventure will be yours in Hello Neighbor 2 as you meet and interact with your new neighbors, both those on two legs and those on four.

They all have their own secrets and motivations too, and you have to be ready to improvise and adapt if you want to outsmart them all.

Beta access is only available to those who have already pre-ordered the game and will start later this year Apr 7, 2022

Source – [PlayStation Blog]