Henry Cavill talks about what his return as Superman could look like

Henry Cavill is one of the most sought-after actors today, but the actor does not hide that he would like to play again Superman and has given some ideas for his return

Henry Cavill’s future as Superman has been a big question mark since the failure of Joss Whedon’s Justice League in theaters, but the release of Snyder Cut appears to have significantly reinvigorated enthusiasm for his portrayal of the Man of Steel. While no definitive plans have been made yet on when and where Cavill could play Superman, Cavill himself has some thoughts on the matter.

Cavill has emphasized his desire to display Superman’s heroism and the symbol of hope that the character embodies. While Cavill making cameos in future DC movies might be part of what he’s suggesting, with Black Adam potentially setting up the showdown between Black Adam and Dwayne Johnson’s Superman, it’s unlikely that Superman will end up making only minor appearances in other movies.

Cavill in a recent interview with GQ, shared his desire to show Superman as “The true symbol of hope, the beacon of light, before we go down the path of darkness and then redemption”, Referencing Zack Snyder’s discarded nightmare plot for the Justice League sequels, it might also suggest he’s interested in doing another solo Superman movie. Based on these words, it can be deduced that there is a specific time period in the DCEU which could perfectly fit where Henry Cavill wants to lead Superman.

This period of time could elapse between The Man of Steel and Batman v superman. While there are a few reasons why, the structure of the previous two films is a big factor. Furthermore, the significance of Superman’s resurrection seen in Snyder Cut could also be highlighted by showing some of his adventures before his heroic death in Batman v superman. Here’s why a Superman movie set between Man of steel and Batman v superman it could be the perfect way for Henry Cavill to return as Superman.

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There is a lot of story to tell yet

After the introduction showing the murder of the Waynes and the summary of the Battle of Metropolis, Batman v superman takes place eighteen months after the events of Man of steel. This scenario already requires that much of Clark’s time on Earth has not been seen since he donned his suit and became Superman. The movie itself also hints at how much Superman has been helping the world with a collection of newspaper clippings at the home of Wallace O’Keefe (Scoot McNairy) that feature headlines of Superman saving people and preventing disasters.

That year and a half period represents a great window to show more of Cavill’s Superman adventures between his first major battle with General Zod (Michael Shannon) and Lex Luthor’s intrigues that led to the death of the last son Krypton. In fact, going back in time to showcase the next Superman story might be the ideal way to show the hope that Cavill wants his character to inspire. A big reason for this lies in the fact that Superman is a polarizing presence on Earth after his initial arrival.

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This period could show it as a symbol of hope

On Batman v superman, the existence of the Man of Steel generates constant debate after the destructive Battle of Metropolis and the kind of power that Superman wields on his own. While many people around the world are wary of Superman’s intentions, especially Ben Affleck’s version of Batman, the movie also clearly shows that many see Superman as a symbol of hope in the world. This is shown in moments where Superman is seen as a demigod in the Dia de Muertos scene and responding to the despair of a woman trapped high up in her house, showing that many people still believe that he is a force for him. well.

Lois Lane herself also tries to lift Clark’s spirits after the Capitol destruction by pointing out that the ‘S’ on Superman’s chest is “Everything that some people have.” Despite his many criticisms, Superman has inspired and given hope to countless people around the world in both films, emphasizing that this could be the key to what Cavill wants to show with Kal-El. Plus, it could also deepen the overall impact of your story so far.

How would the subsequent resurrection of the Man of Steel add to this?

After sacrificing his life to stop Doomsday, the world collectively mourns Superman, and any remaining hostility towards him disappears. Superman is revived by his companions in the Justice League, and triumphantly arrives in time to stop Steppenwolf. While Superman was already put to the test on an existential level in Batman v superman, going back in time before his death could increase the impact of his return. This could, for example, be augmented by using a character like Bizarro as the villain of the story, contrasting Superman with an enemy who is his literal opposite to show him fighting all that is not so much in Bizarro as in his fellow Kryptonians under him. leadership of Zod.

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With Superman being viewed with hostility and in Bruce Wayne’s case paranoia, his biggest struggle was convincing humanity that he is on Earth to help. As Cavill also explained in the GQ interview, «Clark was making the decision to try to be a hero knowing that the world might not accept him. Ultimately, it cost him his life for the world to see his selfless intentions, but many people were already convinced that he should not be feared.

With Superman’s uplifting impact on the people who believed in him from the start, the emotional impact of his return would be even greater, both for the audience and for the characters on screen. The resurrection of Superman could give the whole world a renewed hope now that all humanity reveres him as a hero, but for those who always did, there would be nothing more affirmative for their faith in him.

What do you think? Would you like to see Henry Cavill again, and what timeline would you like to see explored?