Here are the apps that replace Tink

Published July 5, 2021

Replacement Tink

Tink has been acquired by Visa and the app is closed. As a result, almost half a million Swedes lost popular financial support. But there are other apps that you can use to keep track of your personal finances.

During its eight years, Tink became a popular tool for people who wanted to keep track of their personal finances. In December last year, however, the app was discontinued and in June this year, the news came that the founders were selling the business to the card company Visa.

Thus, half a million Swedes became without the popular app. But there are plenty of other finance apps for those who want to keep track of their personal finances.

Keep track of your fixed costs

As Zlantar for example. It’s a good Tink replacement, as it has similar features.

The app helps you, among other things, keep track of expenses, subscriptions and other fixed costs.

My services is another option that just like Tink can be linked to your bank account, it keeps track of all your subscriptions. The app provides suggestions for options and you can easily switch using it.

Budget apps give you an overview

For those who want to make an everyday budget so is Buddy a good alternative. The app is created to budget in everyday life in a simple and flexible way. You can also have a shared budget with your partner or with friends. You can also keep track of expenses with your friends so that they are fair when you have done things together. In the app, you can create groups and invite others to participate and figure out how to get rid of them.

And if you have a bunch of friends that you usually come up with, you know how tricky it can be when different costs have to be sorted out. With Splitwise If you fill in all expenses and who has been responsible for what, the app tells you how to pay each other so that everything is correct. The app is thus not only a flexible mathematical tool, but also a way to avoid financial conflicts.

Anyone who wants to keep track of where the money is going has Clover to try. It keeps track of the monthly spontaneous purchases for you. The app has various functions that increase your understanding of why your personal finances look the way they do – and give you tools to change your behavior.

The savings apps you need

If you have a specific savings goal, such as a holiday trip or a slightly more expensive purchase, then so be it Dreams a good app. The app has a number of different features that make it a little more fun to save, as they are based on how you behave.

Do you want to start saving more in the long run? Then can Advanceapp be a good option. It is there to make it easy for you to start saving and investing in stocks and mutual funds. In the app, you can also, for example, apply for a mortgage, collect your securities or set up an automatic saving.

Are you going to take out a loan or are you wondering how your personal finances really feel? Then is Kreddy the app for you. In the app, you can find out your credit rating and you also get tips on how you can improve it – which makes it much easier to make sensible financial decisions. Kreddy does not take any credit information on you.

Do not pay more than you have to

You probably do not want to pay more than you need when you buy something. PriceRunner is a comparison service where you can compare prices on everything from tools to household products. In the app, you can also set so that you receive notifications when the price for a specific item goes down.

Foodrunners is the app that helps you make affordable, environmentally friendly and healthy choices when you make your food purchases. In addition to helping you save money by telling you where to find the cheapest ingredients, the app provides you with information on how to consume. It can simply make you a slightly more conscious consumer.