Hideo Kojima now has his own podcast on Audible

Hideo Kojima has long been a world-renowned game developer, and with more than a few of gaming’s most groundbreaking releases to his credit, there’s probably a lot he has to say about making things.

That seems to be the premise for his new podcast, a show available exclusively on Audible and currently only available in Japanese.

Spotted by website VGC, the description of the show titled Hideo Kojima’s Radioverse is reading:

“Each episode will feature a variety of guests who will have in-depth discussions on topics like games and movies that you can’t hear anywhere else.”

Kojima’s first guest is the YouTube channel 2BRO, which currently has 3 million subscribers on the platform.

According to the same report, there are no plans to dub the podcast, although that could always change.

Looking at his work, it is clear that the Hideo Kojima sees the world and his art in a very unique way, so it will be interesting to see who he will talk to.

It has recently been reported that in the game development field, Kojima has a PSVR2 project in the making. That has not been confirmed by the maker, but it would certainly make sense for him to experiment with VR.

While there’s no real timeline for when we can expect more on that, we’re still waiting for now.

Source – [VGC]