Hideo Kojima’s next project is to create games that change in real time

Hideo Kojima can be categorized as a bit of a ‘wild’ guy in terms of how creative he can be, and how he likes to push the game design as far as possible, which makes sense considering the next mountain he wants to climb, that’s the challenge of creating of a video game that changes in real time based on where you live and how you feel.

The news comes from a report from the website VGC true Kojima is quoted in an interview with Japanese publication pineapple, talking about the future, what the future holds for him and how he would continue to develop his games.

“What I want to do is make games that change in real time. People of all ages and professions play the same game, but everyone plays the same way. Instead, it’s something that changes depending on where you live and how you feel about it. feels.

A daring feat if he were to accomplish it, but even if he doesn’t, that creativity and ambition is partly what makes kojima so endlessly intriguing. Later in the interview, he talked about how he’s getting older, saying: “Although my body is failing me, my creativity hasn’t waned yet. Until my brain loses its creative power, I keep striving to create things. That’s my instinct, and that’s what I like to do.”

Source – [Anan, via VGC]