Horizon Forbidden West Activities Shown in Trailer

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerrilla Games have released a brand new trailer for Horizon Forbidden West, showcasing the game’s sideline activities. Looks like the game is packed with things to do should you want to stray from the main path. We’re talking about battlefields, contracts, outposts and camps, hunting grounds, exploring ruins and cauldrons, and much more.

Horizon Forbidden West Activities Improved

Guerrilla Games previously said it has learned a lot from Horizon Zero Dawn and has done everything it can to improve Horizon Forbidden West. Side quests, activities and challenges are just some of the things that have been improved. On the PlayStation Blog, the studio said there’s a lot more to see than what’s shown here. Feel free to take a look:

Horizon Forbidden West seems to have a new kind of challenge where Aloy jumps into an arena and takes on deadly gladiator-style enemies. Guerrilla teased that players can better equip themselves for the wilderness and very briefly showed an in-game trader.

“As Aloy explores the frontier of the Forbidden West on Feb. 18, she will discover a huge variety of exciting things to do,” Guerrilla wrote. “But remember that the Forbidden West is a vast and dangerous place, with many more secrets and adventures than we can reveal here today!”

While Horizon Forbidden West’s main campaign will be about the same length as its predecessor, those who want to do everything the game has to offer will be in for a decent amount of time.

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