Horizon Forbidden West delay explained

The director of Horizon Forbidden West, Mathijs de Jonge, has said that Guerrilla Games has made the decision to partially postpone the title to avoid crunch. In a short interview with Dutch website Nu.nl (translated via ResetEra), de Jonge revealed that the company is aware of the downsides of crunch, and over a Christmas period during development, Guerrilla Games closed its doors completely to give developers a two – week break.

Horizon Forbidden West delay stemmed from the pandemic

Guerrilla Games previously said that while it wanted to release Horizon Forbidden West in 2021, the pandemic made production more challenging. The game was originally only in development for the PlayStation 5, so Sony’s decision to make it a cross-gen release likely caused the developers to take more time. Nevertheless, Guerrilla Games was in no rush to meet tight deadlines.

“Which [crunch] very little happens with us,” de Jonge tells Nu.nl. “We are very well aware of the disadvantages of crunching, so we take that into account a lot in our planning. To give an example, at Christmas we said there would be no work and everyone could just have two weeks of vacation. The company was closed, you couldn’t even work there. Some people like to keep working, they don’t necessarily want Christmas vacation. That’s allowed, we’re not going to stop that, but from the company’s point of view we are sending out a very strong signal.”

Opinion: Horizon Forbidden West was worth the wait

Zamena writes… Horizon Forbidden West is an impressive game from what I’ve played so far, and since Guerrilla Games made sure it worked almost flawlessly on both the last generation and the current generation (I’m looking at you, CD Projekt RED), the delay was worth the effort. Oddly enough, we’ve heard that delays often lead to problems, but it seems that in the case of Guerrilla Games, the exact opposite is true!

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[Source: Nu.nl via ResetEra]